Nepal Earthquake Relief Appeal

Since Nepal’s massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck near Kathmandu on April 25, Skills & Care team in the UK has been working tirelessly to help meet the urgent needs of survivors. Entire areas have been destroyed, and people are sleeping outside, terrified to return to severely damaged homes.

The earthquake affected approximately 8 million people across 40% of Nepal.People need clean water, food, temporary shelter supplies. Nepal remains one of the poorest countries in the world, and survivors have few resources to help them recover.

Working with Royal Borough of Greenwich, local community groups, BME groups and Embassy of Nepal, Skills & Care is doing its bits to help victims and their families in this difficult moment. With the help of local council, the relief materials are being collected at Woolwich Townhall. Councillor Mick Hayes, Mayor and Councillor Denise Hyland, Leader, Royal Borough of Greenwich has also appealed to local residence to help Nepal.

For more details, please click here and visit the council’s website 

Skills & Care Director Bivek Shrestha has flown to Nepal to work with a team of Nurses and other volunteer at ground level. Our aim is to get the relief materials to the hard to reach places as most of the international charities and rescue efforts are being concentrated at the Capital.

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