Hundreds attended Indra Gurung’s Hug & Heal Workshop

Sunday, 11th September 2016, Skills & Care Greenwich organised a workshop called “Hug & Heal” with Indra Gurung. Indra is a Visionary leader, compassionate entrepreneur and recognised as one of the most vibrant and powerful motivational & transformational speakers in Asia. He is known as Transformation life-coach, self-Coaching trainer, transformational speaker, Firewalk Practitioner and ICTA Certified NLP master Trainer. Currently, he is in the UK, delivering inspirational workshops around the country. The workshop was attended by nearly 100 participants of all ages, from teens to elderly and was mainly focused for older Gurkha veterans and war widows who has recently migrated to the United Kingdom. When the people walked into the workshop, they been mumbling to themselves, their limitations they thought they have. But, as the workshop progressed they all looked like totally difference people, they were happier, they were smiling and they looked younger. Indra used powerful NLP techniques in his workshop that enabled him to install concepts and attitudes directly into the participant’s sub-conscious mind. At the workshop, Indra used various activity-based method such as inspiring music, body movements, he even cracked jokes and made the people laugh. His workshop was all about – what our brain is capable of; he motivated people to “wanting for change”. He said “when having fun and laugh, you tend to learn better and that goes straight to what going on in terms of your neuro-chemical production”.   After the workshop, Indra ran a quite a few one-to-one healing sessions, each person received around 10-15 minutes of healing session. People who attending the one-to-one healing session, could not believe how effective the session was. They now look at their problems from completely different perspective. Everyone at the workshop and one-to-one healing sessions said – they learnt a lots of things about themselves that they did not know before.

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