Gurkha Elders make their first trip to a Seaside!

Nepal is a very beautiful country and has 8 out of 10 highest peaks of the world. However, being a landlocked country many Nepalese people are not fortunate enough to make a trip to a seaside. But, Skills & Care Greenwich just made it possible for some older people from Gurkha community in Greenwich. Although, some of the Gurkha’s had seen a seaside while they were in service, but for the ladies including war widows, it has not been possible.

Last week, we took a group of 70 people to Joss Bay, Broadstairs in Kent where the elderly spent a day by walking down the beach, singling, dancing, taking picture; some of them prayed too. The day out turned into a massive picnic with variety of Nepalese dishes, cooked by individuals; they shared the variety of food and snacks.

At first, sitting on sand did not go quite well – it was in fact a cultural shock for some of them as they never had sat down in sand as such.  The day was saved by the beach shop who sold us 20 mats to sit on; after that all went well.

The elderly also enjoyed walking at nearby cliff, the rural fields and greenery. They said – the greenery remind them of Nepal, especially the lovely smell of soil and fresh air.

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