CEO of Skills & Care addresses to a Health Event

24 February 2014, representing the RGB Public Health Team and Skills & Care CIC, Mr Thapa spoke regarding public health services available in the borough. He also explain about importance of being active, eating well and stop smoking and how we can prevent possible Cardio Vascular Diseases (CVD). He also touch base on GP services and why everyone should register with a GP.

The health event was organised following to findings that large number of Nepalese/Gurkha elderly people in the borough are living in deprived condition and facing issues with health equalities. Many of elderly people from Nepalese community aren’t registering with GP. Skills & Care has been working with NHS CCG and Greenwich Public Health Team to address the overriding issue in the community related to both, primary care and public health.

Unlike other ethnic minority communities, the Gurkha community were immigrated to the UK at their old age, and hence face numerous problems related to health and wellbeing; cultural differences, literacy problem, language barrier, inability to do certain activities due to their old age or health condition are some of the main issue.

At the event, NHS CCG was also taking part and Skills & Care provided Interpreter service to them.

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