Barriers to GP Registration for BME Groups in Greenwich

Skills & Care CIC facilitated a focus group session on “Barrier to GP registration amongst BME group in Greenwich”. The session was organised in partnership with, Picker Institute Europe, Roots Research & NHS CCG. Skills & Care coordinated the session by recruiting the focus group participants, organising interpretation service and arranging the venue.

The NHS CCG wanted to get an understanding of why some nationalities in the Greenwich area aren’t registering with GPs. They had identified that the following nationalities of people are not registered with GP

Somalians, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Eastern Europeans, West Africans

The aim of the session was to get feedback as to why registrations aren’t being made so that CCG can look to improve the process or to break down any barriers that are causing problems.

The focus group session was held at The Woolwich Town Hall. There were total of 10 focus group participants, two interpreters, an interviewer, a note taker and an observer.

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